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Metal Art
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    Cyril Colnik: Man of Iron Strekow, Alan J.

    With the conclusion of the 1893 Columbian Exposition, Cyril Colnik arrived in Milwaukee at the perfect moment. During the last quarter of the nineteenth century, Milwaukee had become well known for its myriad of industries that included brewing, tanning, publishing, meat packing and machine manufacturing. A large part of Colnik's immediate success can be both literally and figuratively the result of his many German-American clients. They appreciated that Colnik already had the knowledge and talent to bring the ornate wrought iron ornament style of the Rhine to his newly adopted city. While Colnik was able to forge amazing designs in iron, he was also an excellent manager of the men whom he hired to embark on his growing commissions. He was a very sophisticated artist respected by everyone.

    Format: Hardcover   Dimentions:  9 x 11   Pages: 202   Illustrations: 350

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  2. Damascus Steel
    Damascus Steel Löbach, Gunther

    Damascus Steel: Theory and Practice focuses on this centuries-old, hot forged steel that is legendary for making sharp, strong blades that struck fear in many a man's heart. Artisan, blacksmiths, and hobbyists the world over have initiated a renaissance of that fascinating, decorative material. which is the focus of this comprehensive book. It offers inspiration and the fundamentals of working in this ancient medium, Ideal for amateur blacksmiths and experienced metalworkers. It includes the detailed, computer-generated illustrations and hundreds of photos to learn how to identify grain direction, properly execute torsion technique, and see the endless potential for forging patterns in Damascus steel.

    Format: Hard Cover  Dimentions: 7 1/4" x 10 1/4"  Pages: 176  Illustrations: 300

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    Decorative Ironwork Baur-Heinhold, Margarete

    The restoration of wrought iron is discussed and ironwork examples are organized in Decorative Ironwork according to their uses. These include gratings that protect doors and windows, entries and gates from Europe in the Middle Ages, artistic creations of the 17th and 18th centuries, and works of our own day.

    Format: Hard cover  Dimentions: 9" x 12"  Pages: 176  Illustrations: 368 photos


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  4. Front Cover
    Decorative Ironwork Cosira

    The information contained in Decorative Ironwork - some aspect of design and technique is aimed at the specialist ironworker and will assist students to gain a better understanding of their craft. Though working drawings of each grille have been produced, the grilles should not be regarded simply as catalogue designs, but rather as examples to be studied one in conjunction with another. The examples have been called 'grilles' for convience and not because the repeating designs employed are suitable for the making of grilles only, or to suggest that the decorative features must necessarily fill any given framework. In fact the techniques dealt with in this book can be applied over the whole field of decorative ironwork.

    Format: Hardcover  Dimentions: 5 3/4" x 8 3/4"  Pages: 80  Illustrations: 130

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    Direct Metal Sculpture Meilach, Dona Z.

    Direct Metal Sculpture

    Revised and Expanded

    Filled with the techniques and inspirations to help artists find the answers they need for creating direct metal sculpture. Essential for all those interested in metal sculpture: artist-blacksmiths, collectors, curators and designers.

    Format: Softcover.   Dimensions: 10 1/4" x 7 1/4"   Pages: 248   Illustrations: 115 color & 475 B&W

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    Early American Wrought Iron Sonn, Albert H

    Early American Wrought Iron

     Three Volumes in One

    Early American Wrought Iron is a celebration of the village blacksmith revealing the master craftsman in all his glory, his technical skills, and artistry, and illuminating his crucial role in the development of American culture. It is a giant essential resource for both blacksmiths and architects. Sonn, an excellent draftsman and commercial artist, dismayed that so many pieces of early American wrought iron were discarded, began to compile a collection of his own detailed drawings of early American wrought iron. His search through museums, antique shops, private houses, and collections uncovered many fine examples of ironwork.They are illustrated here in 640 plates containing over 3,000 drawings. Sonn spent eight and one half years traveling along the East coast sketching and doing research for this classic work.

    Format: Hardcover   Dimensions: 9" x 11"   Pages: 765   Illustrations: 3000

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    Firearm Blueing and Browning Angier, R. H.

    "Angier's book, Firearm Blueing and Browing, is invaluable to those who want to restore a firearm to its original finish using the right chemicals and time-honored techniques. - Ned Schwing

    This practical and precise guide to the chemical and heat coloring of all barrel steels and gun metals covers the earliest soft carbon methods to the latest rustless techniques  -  some 230 formulae in all. Also included are ways to remove rust, barrel finishes, and nickel plating by chemical mean.

    Format: Hardback.  Dimentions: 5" x 8 1/2"   Pages:152    Illustrations:10

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  8. Front Cover
    Forging Solutions IV, Joinery DVD Har-lev, Amit

    Joining metal to metal...for function or for decoration. Amit Har-lev takes you step by step in Joinery Techniques , through a wide range of creative as well as functional joinery techniques that can be applied to your next project.

    Lessons include:

    Making and working with rivets...

    Wrapping techniques...

    Joining flat bars...

    Working with wedges....and much more!


    Total Run Time: 1 hr. 20 min. with quick and easy menu access to all lessons.

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