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    Making Metal Jewelry Gollberg, Joanna

    Projects, Techniques, Inspiration

     Create a wide array of chic jewelry  - without having to solder or use a torch. Cold connecting metal is a great way to learn jewelry making because the tools are inexpensive and readily available, and the techniques provide a solid base for all types of metal work. From earrings to necklaces to bracelets, these sophisticated designs will showcase your creativity.

    Format: Soft Cover.   Dimentions: 8.5" x 10"    Pages: 112    Illustrations: 310

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    Making Metal Jewelry Sartin, John

    Author and noted jewelry designer John Sartin expertly teaches you the fundamentals and beyond.  Try new methods, build new skills, and become the jewelry designer you've always wanted to be.                                                               

    ~ Learn the basic skills of sawing, drilling, piercing, filing, and finishing metal.                                                                  ~ Learn how and when to use cold and hot connection methods.                                                                                      ~ Add texture with roller embossing, retuculation, hammers, and metal overlay.                                                               ~ Shape metal and build volume by dapping and forging.                                                                                                  ~ Mount gems and stones with bezel, prong, tube, and flush settings.

    Format: Soft cover  Dimentions: 8 1/4" x 11"  Pages: 223  Illustrations: over 500

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    Making Sculpture from Scrap Metal Parkinson, Peter

    Transforming unlikely pieces of scrap metal into significant works of art - giving new life to things we throw away - is an accessible, creative and fulfilling activity. 'Making Sculpture from Scrap Metal' describes and illustrates the concerns and techniques involved in making this kind of sculpture. It discusses the role and purpose of sculpture and covers sources of scrap metal. It includes the making, finishing and installation of pieces of sculpture.

    Format:  Soft Cover   Dimentions:  6 3/4" x 9 1/2"   Pages:  96   Illustrations:  90

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    Metalsmithing for Jewelry Makers McGrath. Jinks

    Metalsmithing for Jewelry Makers by Jinks McGrath is the ultimate reference source for jewelers of all levels. Exploring a wide range of both precious and nonprecious metals, traditional methods are examined alongside contrmporary styles and adaptations to offer unique insight into the art and craft of jewelry making for today's artisan. In-depth instruction covers all essential techniques, from the most basic to advanced methods.

    Format:  Hard Cover   Dimentions:  9 1/4" x 10 1/2"  Pages: 319   Illustrations: 600

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    Metalworking Sink or Swim Lipton, Tom

    Tom Lipton, in Metalworking, Sink or Swim, provides a journeyman's collection of priceless tips, tricks, skills, and experiences for machinists, welders and fabricators that will help you work better and work faster!

    Tom learned to weld at the tender age of nine and has worked in many different job shops that required machine and sheet metal work, along with welding fabrication skills, in industries that encompass consumer product development, laboratory equipment, medical devices, and custom machinery design.

    He has been awarded six U.S. patents for unique designs.

    Format: Soft cover;  Dimentions: 8 1/2" x 11";  Pages: 305;  Illustrations: 1,000 full-color photos.

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    Metalworking, Doing it Better Lipton, Tom

    Metalworking, Doing it better is an extraordinary guide which will help you develop new metalworking skills and improve those you already have - while saving you valuable time! Tom Lipton, who wrote "Metalworking Sink or Swim"  shares with you hundreds of unique and creative techniques, well illustrated with full color pictures. They are carefuly coordinated with the tips to enhance your learning - and your enjoyment too.


    Format:  Soft cover  Dimentions:  8 1/2" x 11"  Pages: 344  Illustrations:  !,000

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    Mixed Metal Jewelry Workshop Hettmansperger, Mary

    Through a wide variety of stunning jewelry projects, you will learn how to work with silver clay, sheet metal, and wire, as well as tow materials that are new to the market: copper and bronze clay. Mary Hettmansperger walks you through each step of the projects, increasing your range of skills and design options. Her approach to making jewelry in non-traditional. She often uses low-tech connection methods and rustic metal patinas to add depth, age, and texture.

    Format: Hard cover  Dimentions: 8 3/4" x 10 1/4"  Pages: 128  Illustrations: 70

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    Moving Metal Steines, Adolph

    Moving Metal

    The Art of Chasing and Repoussé

    This book is a long overdue treat for blacksmiths, sculptors, and all artists of metalwork. It has information on chasing and repoussé in greater depth and detail than any other volume available in the English language today. A valuable resource for both the professional and the hobbyist. Translated from German

    Format: Hardcover.   Dimensions: 8" x 10"   Pages: 131   Illustrations: 107+111

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