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    Damascus Albericci, Emilio/ Galizzi, Flavio/ Pizzi, Lucia

    In the panorama of traditional forging techniques, damascus has always represented a great challenge for those who tried to make it; so much so that throughout the centuries it has had alternating periods of decline and rebirth which were sometimes caused by these very difficulties in producing it. Damascus forging techniques, which are connected to a level of skill obtainable only through long and patient practice, have witnessed a rebirth of great quality in good part owing to bold experimentation. This is a practical manual with an introduction covering ancient damascus production techniques. In simple languag and with over 350 full color photos the book covers a great number of techniques fo obtaining many different kinds of damascus. English/Italian

    Format: Hard Cover   Dimentions: 8 1/2" x 11"   Pages: 240   Illustrations: 350

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  2. Damascus Steel
    Damascus Steel Löbach, Gunther

    Damascus Steel: Theory and Practice focuses on this centuries-old, hot forged steel that is legendary for making sharp, strong blades that struck fear in many a man's heart. Artisan, blacksmiths, and hobbyists the world over have initiated a renaissance of that fascinating, decorative material. which is the focus of this comprehensive book. It offers inspiration and the fundamentals of working in this ancient medium, Ideal for amateur blacksmiths and experienced metalworkers. It includes the detailed, computer-generated illustrations and hundreds of photos to learn how to identify grain direction, properly execute torsion technique, and see the endless potential for forging patterns in Damascus steel.

    Format: Hard Cover  Dimentions: 7 1/4" x 10 1/4"  Pages: 176  Illustrations: 300

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    Folders Van Eizenga, Jerry

    How to  Design and Make Your Own FOLDERS  is a Step-By-Step How-to introduction to making your own Folder. or Pocketknife. Jerry Van Eizenga teaches here the making of folding knives and understanding the design and functioning of the simple slip lock folder. These pages contain "How to Make the Basic Scagel Slip Joint Folder" and his latest teachings with some jigs to aid the folder knife maker. It has sections on how to make multi-blade folders and Scagel hunting knives with a folding blade in the handle. The most important section may be "How to Design a Slip Joint Folder".

    Format: Soft Cover   Dimentions: 8 1/3" x 10 3/4"  Pages: 48  Ilustrations: 56

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    General Blacksmith, The Paine, Malcolm

    In The General Blacksmith: Tales and Techniques of an Ancient Craft, Malcolm Paine puts the methods that he learned and used repeatedly, in his 60 blacksmithing years, into a simple form, that aspiring blacksmiths can follow step by step, and one that can still be of interest to the more experienced ironworker. Paine presents a clear text and drawings for any blacksmith to follow. A prefect book for beginners to get started and improving blacksmith to reach new levels in their craft.

    Format: Hard cover   Dimentions: 7 1/2" x 9 1/2"   Pages: 217   Illustrations: 410


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  5. Front Cover
    Handles and Guards Kesslar, Joe

    The primary purpose of "Handles and Guards" by joe Keeslar is to provide students of handles and guards with guidelines for completing the forged knife. Theoritically the blade is completely finished before moving on to the handle and guard. Every knife you make should reflect the very best work that you can do at that point in time.

    joe received his Journeyman Smith rating in 1987 and Master Smith rating in 1989. He is a frequent Instructor at the William F Moran School of Bladesmithing, serves on the Board of Directors of the association since 1989 and was Chairman of the ABS from June 2003 through June 2007.

    Format: Soft Cover  Dimentions: 8 1/2" x 11"  Pages: 127  Illustrations:  84

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  6. Front Cover
    Heat Treating DVD Cashen, Kevin R.

    American Bladesmith Society's, Mastersmith, Kevin R. Cashen presents us with valuable information on "Heat Treating."

    The chapters include:

    1. Discussing "Quenching Fluids"              

    2. Forged Blade Heat Treating (HT)

    3. Hamon HT Line & Clay Technique

    4. Shrouded Coal Forge HT Technique

    5. "Snap" Temper & Blade Elasticity

    6. "Second" 1095 HT & Normalizing Blades

    7. Metallurgy Concepts "Chalk Talk"

    8. Tempering HOW & WHY; and Questions

    Mid-America Bladsmithing Symposium & Knife Show  August 26 - 29, 2010

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  7. Front Cover
    Introduction to Bladesmithing Hendrickson, E. Jay

    This notebook has been written to assist ABS apprentice bladesmith in the contriction of making hand forged knives. It  is a pictorial review with text outlining the American Bladesmith Societies recommended training methods that will guide the beginner, in the process of making hand forged knives.

    The goals and objectives are as follows:

    First week: Will be divoted to learning how to forge various blade styles, while also achieving balanced and appealing looking blades. The student will gain an understanding of the basic metallugy of various and popular knife steels. There will also be strong emphasis on forge knives to shape, while emphasizing overall basic blade design concepts.

    Second week: Will be devoted to profiling, heat treating, tempering, grinding and finishing. Each student is encouraged to make at least one knife (approximately 10 inch blade) for testing.

    Question covered:  Why forge - Steel, what is it? - Steel classification - UNS classification -Steel alloying elements - Forging Techniques - Heat chart - Tempering - and Finishing.

    Format: Soft cover,  Dimentions:  8" x 10"  Pages: 20  Illustrations:  30


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  8. Front Cover
    Keen Kutter Pocket Knives Sellens, Alvin

     Keen Kutter is the most respected name in cutlery collectibles and pocket knives. This comprihensive bolume contains a complete listing, detailed description, date, and value guide for every Keen Kutter pocket knife shown in Simmons Hardware Company catalogs since the adoption of the Wedge and Bar Keen Kutter logo in 1905.

    Illustrated with over 1100 original catalog illustrations, this volume is destined to become the pocket knife collector's bible.

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