Schmeidekunst am Haus und Garten / Art of Wrought Metalwork for House and Garden

by Schmirler, Otto
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The Art of Wrought Metalwork for House and Garden displays ironwork for buildings, past and present. Wrought ironwork on a building has the double function of protection and ornamentation, and here both functions will be emphasized. In selecting drawings and photographs for this book it is assumed that the reader has already learned the ABCs of forging iron, and possesses this basic knowledge. Many details, however, are provided that can help both the qualified wrought-iron craftsman and someone who wishes to begin learning the trade. These beautiful photographs also provide the architecht and potential home owner with ideas for the newest project.

Format: Hardcover   Dimensions: 9” x 11”   Pages: 296   Illustrations: 600

 The task of the artist is not fulliled simply in the creation of a work, for it only receives its true value through the effect on the observer.

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Author Schmirler, Otto
Publisher Wasmuth Verlag
ISBN 3-8030-5040-5
Dimensions 8.75 x 11
Format Hardcover
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