Passion and Power

by Zastrow, Nancy
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 Blacksmiths inspired awe and earned esteem from the beginning of civilization. People in earlier cultures were amazed that someone could take a useless rock and turn it into a weapon, a useful tool, or thing of beauty. It was not unknown for blacksmiths or iron workers to be regarded as shamens or healers, and they often held high positions in their societies. Here and now, however, we are still amazed, but in a much more subdued fashion. It is inspiring that there are men and women who still ply the trade. You are invited to come and meet some of those who still do and learn what inspires them in this beautiful book.

Format: Hardcover   Dimentions: 9" x 11"   Pages: 404   Illustrations: 750


More Information
Author Zastrow, Nancy
Publisher Copper Heron
ISBN 978-0-615-38408-5
Dimensions 9 x 11
Format Hardcover
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