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    Artist Blacksmithing DVD Parkinson, Peter

     Artist Blacksmithing 

    "Techniques in Action" explains the fundamental techniques of working with hot iron and steel, and suggests how those techniques can be used creatively in designs. Set in his own workshop, it is a rare opportunity to see a leading blacksmith in action. With the roar of the forge, the dancing of the flames and the glow of hot metal, the film captures the romance and magic of using fire to transform a piece of iron.

    Peter Parkinson has long been an inspiration to blacksmiths: his enthusiasm for the craft alongside his recognized talent makes him an exceptional tutor. In this double DVD, he brings his own insight to the craft while explaining both the processes and pitfalls.

    DVD ONE: Introduction - Tapering - Upsetting, Spreading - Hot cutting - Punching

    DVD TWO: Twisting - Bending - Joining - Toolmaking - Finishing - Afterward

    Aprox. Running Time 154 minutes

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    Basic Damascus Patterns DVD Norris, Mike

    Renown Damascus Steel and knife maker, Mike Norris gives you an up close, in-depth look at creating and preparing Basic Damascus Patterns.

    Lessons include: basic pattern materials preparation  -  proper heating techniques  -  grinding and finishing  -  pattern design  -  and much more!

    Total Run Time: 44 minutes with quick and easy menu access to all lessons.

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    Blacksmithing Primer, A DVD McDaniel, Randy

    A Blacksmithing Primer is a course in Basic and Intermediate Blacksmithing. It is a 3 DVD set over 6 hours long.

    Randy McDaniel has taught basic and advanced workshops at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA., Penland School of Crafts, J.C. Campbell Craft School, Appalachian Center for Crafts, Peters Valley Craft School and the 1990 Artist-Blacksmith Association of North America's International Conference at Alfred, NY.

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  4. Broommaking for the Blacksmith  DVD
    Broommaking for the Blacksmith DVD Mohr, Jeff

     Broommaking for the Blacksmith

    with Jeff Mohr

    Running Time: 22 Minutes


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    Bugs and Birds DVD Epps, Bill
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    Cold Connections DVD McCreight, Tim

    Cold Connections and the Power of Found Objections is an inspirational video which merges technique and design to create opportunities for rich content and complex construction.

    Respected teacher Tim McCreight demonstrates ten projects to illustrate the diverse range of exciting possible cold connections, including tabs, rivets, tube rivets, staples, and more.

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    Compilation #1 DVD Lewton-Brain, Charles

    This CD contains 10 papers by Charles Lewton-Brain. They include classics like Fold-forming and Patinas for Small Studios as well as short works only available as Epapers, This compilation would cost over $100 separately.

    Unexpected Sources for Chasing Tools and Punches   This paper details ways of quickly finding and making punches and chasing tools for repouss√© work.
    Build Your Own Draw Bench Instructions   Instructions and plans explain how to build a good draw bench for about thirty dollars.
    Making Earring Posts for Jewelry by Hand   This paper shows how to effectively make earring posts for soldering onto earrings.
    Gold Fusion Inlay Under Enamels  This paper details how to inlay gold and other metals into copper to create patterned sheet.
    Preventing and Avoiding Fire-scale when Jewelry Making   This short paper describes ways to avoid the dreaded fire-scale.
    Forming Using Metal Characteristics: Fold Forming   This original 1985/96 paper is the classic that started the fold-forming scene.
    Patinas for Small Studios   The paper describes safer, easier patinations methods for metals involving easily obtainable and even kitchen chemicals to produce blues, greens, browns, blacks, grays and reddish tones on metals.
    Shareware (Original Paper: 1996)   The wide-ranging, truly eclectic paper is chock full of suppliers, sources, technical information, patinas, stone setting tips, bench tools, book reviews, gemology information and thoughts about metal smithing.
    Small Tools for Jewelers   This paper details how to make nine fantastic bench tools to make life easier and working faster.
    Introduction to Tube Setting for Gems   This paper introduces the tools and step by step method used for tube setting for jewelry

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    Complete Metalsmith, The DVD McCreight, Tim

    The Complete Metalsmith video has been recognized as a standard in the field for its clarity, breath, and professional production values. Like the popular book of the same name, the video consists of clearly identified chapters that cover joining, forming, and surface techinques. It shows the assembly of three specific pieces of jewelry to demonstrate the ways individual techniques are used in combination to complete a finished work. Tim McCreight's ability to organize information, combined with his relaxed teaching style provides a wealth of practical information in an easy to follow format.

    Running Time: approx. 70 minutes

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