Mokume Gane DVD

Midgett, Steve
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Mokume Gane In the small Shop

The classic step by step instructional presentation    2 Disc Set

Here is the clssic and complete "how to" guide for creating quality diffusion bonded mokume gane. Using tools you probably already own, Midgett takes you through the process he developed and shows you how to make beautiful mokume gane on a small scale. Sections include cover appropriate metals for mokume, diffusion theory, and building what Midgett call the $10 Gas Kiln. Also demonstrated are step by step instruuctions on laminating a mokume billet, making it into sheet and a variety of pattering techniques.

Disc 1: Chapter 1: Introduction to Mokume - Chapler 2: Metals - Chapter 3: Tools - Chapter 4: The $10 Gas Kiln           Chapter 5: Pouring the Ingot - Chapter 6: Metals Compatibility    

Disc 2: Chapter 1: Pre-lamination and Firing - Chapter 2: Preparing the Roll - Chapter 3: From Billet to Sheet -        Chapter 4: Patterning

Two hours eighteen minutes  


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