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    500 Knives Le Van, Marthe

    This book boldly proclaims that in the hands of skilled artisans, knives can transcend stereotypes. From swords to switchblades, hunting knives to cutlery, admire the many creative interpretations of these utilitarian objects and discover the different techniques and materials that have been used to make them.

    Format: Softcover.   Dimentions: 8" x 8"   Pages: 384   Illustrations: 400

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  2. Font Cover
    ABCs of Blacksmithing, The Wolf, Fridolin

    ABCs of Blacksmithing

    Examples Step by Step

    These clear step-by-step examples will give the adventurous beginner confidence and will offer new insight to the experienced smith. Lots of good photos to help you on your way.

    Format: Hardcover.   Dimensions: 8" x 10"   Pages: 199   Illustrations: 532

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  3. Front Cover
    ABCs of Early Americana Sloane, Eric

    A Sketchbook of Inventions, Curiosities, and Lore

    Beautifully arranged in an A-Z format, the noted artist Eric Sloane presents this rich and varied collections of American firsts – from the salt box house to basketball, hex signs to ear trumpets, popcorn to rocking chairs. Taking his cue from early Americans' interest in the lore and beauty of the English alphabet, Sloane arranged this beautifully illustrated book in an A-Z format, decorating each page with his own fine hand lettering and including a brief caption to elucidate the origin and use of every subject he pictured.

    Format: Softcover.   Dimensions: 8 1/2" x 11"    Pages: 30    Illustrations: 52

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  4. Front Cover
    Age of Barns, An Sloane, Eric

    An Age of Barns

    An Illustrated Review of Classic Barn Styles & Construction

    "An Age of Barns" preserves the heritage handed down to us by those who settled America: dependable, resourceful pioneers who built these amazing barns, often before the family home was finished, and usually with the help of the entire community. These barns are remarkable for the skill with which they were created and the beauty that matches their usefulness. 

    Format: Softcover.   Dimensions: 11" x 9"   Pages: 94   Illustrations: 240

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  5. Front Cover
    Albert Paley / Portals and Gates Rowe, M. Jessica
    Portals and Gates offers the first comprehensive overview of Albert Paley's public, private, and institutional passageways and also highlights key works - both built and imagined - in his long career. This book presents the finest examples of Paley's distinctive interpretation of gates, portals, and passageways. Learn More
  6. Front Cover
    All the Knots You Need Lee, R. S.

    The strength of ALL THE KNOTS YOU NEED TO KNOW lies not only in the clear illustrations of the knots but in the practical information that accompanies them. It tells you which materials are best for different purposes, the strength for various materials and sizes, which fibers have maximum resistance to chemical and ultra-violet esposure and which fibers best resist wear and rot. It shows you how to make a workable rope ladder.

    Format:  Soft cover  Dimentions:  6" x 9"  pages: 84  Illustrations: 112

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  7. Front Cover
    Amazing History of Early Weapons, The American Machinist Magazine

    The Amazing History of EARLY WEAPONS contains articles from 1918 Issues of  the American Machinist Magazine. These articles cover: Cannon Making in Past Centuries; Musket Manufacture in Past Centuries; Early Attempts at Submarine Building; Modern Hand Grenades; Early History of the Marine Torpedo; Ancient Helmet Making; Development of Gun Manufacture; The Forerunner of the Tank; Fighting with Fire in Ancient Times; Early Attempts at Rapid-Firing Guns; Making Boring Bars for Big Guns and Intrenchments and the Wire Barrier.

    Format:  Soft Cover   Dimentions: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"   Pages:  120   Illustrations:  110

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  8. Front Cover
    Ancient Northern European Axes Gränsfors, Bruks

    The design of an axe is based on knowledge of axes accumulated over many generations. This includes both the manufacture of axes as well as the uses, handling and history of different axes. This booklet is an effort to pass on a part of what has been learned from others.


    Format: Soft cover  Dimentions: 6" x 6"  Page: 27  Illustrations: 24

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