Anvils.... Through the Ages

Plummer, Don
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This is a photographic study of the collection of Tim Kris' of Brasstown, NC. Pieces in this collection date back to the Roman and medieval times and include representations of more recent European and American periods. They are representive of the full sprectrum of tools used by blacksmiths, sawyers, jewelers, farriers and many other metalworking crafters that required the use of a sturdy device to help shape their wares.

An amazing collection!

Format: Hard cover;  Dimentions: 13 1/2" x 11 3/4";  Pages: 312;   llustrations; 325

 One amazing collection!  Enjoy!

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Author Plummer, Don
Publisher Blue Moon Press
ISBN 978-1-936013-05-0
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Format Hardcover
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