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Master Blacksmith
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    My Life As An Artist Blacksmith Whitaker, Francis

    My Life As An Artist Blacksmith

    An autobiography of the legendary Francis Whitaker. It includes his year with Samuel Yellin, two years in Berlin with Julius Schramm followed by his years on his own in California, Aspen and finally Carbondale, Colorado.


    Format: Hardcover.   Dimensions: 8. 1/2" x 11"   Pages: 121   Illustrations: 29

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    Norwegian Knife Making Bergland Hårvard

    The knife as a tool or a weapon is one of the oldest artifacts in the world. It has been feared, loved and hated throughout the ages.

    Hardly any other country in the world comes close to Norway in terms of knife traditions. It is not so long ago that the knife was just as indespensable as car keys are today. The knife was the last thing you checked for before going to work.

    This book tells about knife making and the forging of knives. The author had as a goal to record and illustrate the essentials of other edge tools. He hopes in this way to be able to contribute to the preservation of this part of his cultural heritage and that as many people as possible share in the creative joy of making a knife.

    Format:  Hardcover   Dimentions: 9" x 11 1/4"   Pages:  232   Illustrations: 400


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    Ore to Axe DVD

    This documentary film details the process of smelting iron ore into metal and then forging it into an eighteenth century-style axe. These blacksmiths demonstrate every step in the centuries-old bloomery smelting procss.

    DVD Aproc\x. 52 minutes

    Blacksmiths Shelton Browder, Ken Koons, Steve Mankowski, and Lee Sauder take you on the journey of finding ore, making charcoal, building a furnace, smelting the ore to iron, converting the iron to steel, and finally forging the axe.

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  4. Peter Ross Master Metalsmith
    Peter Ross Master Metalsmith Raiteri, Linda

    Peter Ross: Master Metalsmith

    The exhibition photos of the works of Peter Ross, the long-time head smith at Colonial Williamsburg , from The National Ornamental Metal Museum, 2003, all in one booklet.

    Format: Softcover.  Dimensions: 8.5 x 7.25    Pages: 20    Illustrations: 22

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    Plain And Ornamental Forging Schwarzkopf, Ernst

    Schwarzkopf has endeavored to meet the need of furnishing a richly illustrated and fully ex[laines work on the science and art of plain and art metal forging. The attempt has been made to furnish simple and detailed drawings illustration each important operation. The book is designed primarily to assist the beginner in learning both the theory and practice of forge work through self-instruction.

    Format: Softcover.   Dimensions: 5" x 7.75"   Pages: 296   Illustrations: 531

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    Professional Smithing Streeter, Donald

    Traditional Techniques for Decorative Ironwork, Whitesmithing, Hardware, Toolmaking & Locksmithing Traditional smithing techniques are presented clearly including toolmaking, white smithing and lock smithing. Included early hand forged kitchen utensils, fireplace tools, locks, keys, hinges, latches, hooks, springs and more. Invaluable to blacksmiths, collectors, historians, and restorers alike.

    Format: Softcover.   Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"   Pages: 144   Illustrations: 257

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    Stake Repoussé Hersom, Nahum

    Repoussé means to repeal in French; the craftsmen that did repoussé work were called embossers. There are two methods of embossing: one is cushion, the other is support. The support method is sometimes called stake repoussé.The value of this Stake Repoussé book is to give the blacksmith and other metalworkers a foundation to do Detail and Definition work, specifically Ornamental metal.

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    The Artist Blacksmith's Craft and My Life as an Artist Blacksmith Schramm, Julius

    The Artist Blacksmith's Craft  and  My Life as Artist Blacksmith

    This book offers great insight into the life and times of this famous German blacksmith. For two years Francis Whitaker was an apprentice in Schramm's shop and was later responsible for having this fascinating story translated.

    Format: Hardcover.   Dimensions: 7 1/2" x 10 1/2"   Pages: 156   Illustrations: 122

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