Amazing History of Early Weapons, The

American Machinist Magazine
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The Amazing History of EARLY WEAPONS contains articles from 1918 Issues of  the American Machinist Magazine. These articles cover: Cannon Making in Past Centuries; Musket Manufacture in Past Centuries; Early Attempts at Submarine Building; Modern Hand Grenades; Early History of the Marine Torpedo; Ancient Helmet Making; Development of Gun Manufacture; The Forerunner of the Tank; Fighting with Fire in Ancient Times; Early Attempts at Rapid-Firing Guns; Making Boring Bars for Big Guns and Intrenchments and the Wire Barrier.

Format:  Soft Cover   Dimentions: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"   Pages:  120   Illustrations:  110


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Author American Machinist Magazine
Publisher Lindsay Publishing Inc.
ISBN 978-1-55918-397-7
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Format Softcover
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