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    Blacksmith's Cookbook, The: Recipes in Iron Whitaker, Francis

    NEW reprint with index!

    This book is the result of ten years of workshops, demonstrations and master classes. The idea of the title for 'The Blacksmith's Cookbook' was to give credit to blacksmith's wives, especially my own. There is a similarity between forges and kitchens, basic equiptment, basic tools and the often exquisite results. A large part of my success is due to the devoted help of my wife, and I am sure this applies to many other smiths. F.W.

    Format: Softcover - spiral bound.   Dimentions: 6" x 9 1/2"   Pages: 153   Illustrations: 144

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  2. Front Cover
    Blacksmith's Craft, A Dixon, George

    The Legacy of Francis Whitaker: Vol I

    This is a compendium for blacksmiths at any level to preserve techniques and processes essential for the mastery of all levels of traditional blacksmithing. The beautiful illustrations and clearly demonstrated techniques make this the book to become the standard by which all others will be measured.

    Format: Hardcover.   Dimensions: 8" x 10"   Pages: 157   Illustrations: 800

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  3. Front Cover
    Blacksmith's Craft, The McRaven, Charles

    A Primer of Tools & Methods

    A step-by-step guide to building a simple forge, crafting the basic tools, and learning the techniques to get started in blacksmithing. Easy to follow photos.

    Format: Hardcover.   Dimensions: 7" x 9"   Pages: 248   Illustrations: over 200

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    Blacksmith, The

    The Artisan within the Early Community

    The blacksmith was a man of many talents and took his place as an important member of the early farm community. Virtually every article for the home or farm that could not be formed of wood was made by him. His shop served as a natural gathering place for the men of his village and as a center for the exchange of information on crops, gossip and national news.

    Henry and George Landis of Landis Valley Pennsylvania, were brothers of exceptional curiosity. As small, rural children, they were curious about the way people lived and worked during the founding days of this nation. Before their formal schooling was accomplished, they had already begun to collect American antiques that were to become the nucleus of the Landis Valley Museum. They were often seen with their horse-drawn wagon coming home from country sales loaded with "another pile of junk."

    It is to them that this booklet is dedicated.

    Format: Softcover   Dimentions: 8 1/2" x 11"   Pages: 64   Illustrations: 111

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  5. 978-1-936013-19-7
    Blacksmith’s Craft, The

    The Blacksmith's Craft: An Introduction to Smithing for Apprentices and Craftsmen was published because there was no text book, at that time, on blacksmithing which could meet the needs of craftsmen and apprentices. The lack of such a book was a handicap to the teaching of this subject. It is also of great value to many other craftsmen and apprentices whose work depends on a sound knowledge of the behavior of iron and steel. The skill of the smith is faithfully recorded in sequences of still photographs and brief descriptions. Some of the methods shown and described are not the only ones possible. As experience is gained, the smith can develop his own variations of a technique. With its clear photographs and accurate descriptions, The Blacksmith's Craft is a valuable resource for all blacksmiths.

    Format: Hardcover  Dimensions: 5 1/2” x 8 3/4”   Pages:104  Illustrations: 248

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    Blacksmith’s Sketchbook, A Alling Steve

    Steve Alling is a graduate of the Cincinnati Art Accademy with a major in sculpture. After 32 years as an industrial clay modeler he moved to the little historic village of Romeo, Michigan where he helped to restore the last working blacksmith shop and soon became a demonstrator there. A Blacksmith's Sketchbook is a collection of the sketches he made while attending meetings and conferences to remind himself of the order used by the demonstrators. The projects included here go from start to finish ending up with a complete item.                            

    This is a great book full of sketches, which teach, guide and inspire!

    Format: Hardcover  Dimentions:  8 3/4" x 11 1/4"  Pages:  196  Illustrations:  200

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  7. Front Cover
    Boone Blacksmithing Legacy, The Plummer, Don

    The Boone Blacksmithing Legacy explores the art and craft of blacksmithing through generations of Boone Blacksmiths. This is one of the most fascinating legacies in American history. It includess that of the famous pioneer, Daniel Boone and the entire Boone family. Daniel Boone, the seventh, says he walks in the footsteps of giants. And indeed he does. In addition to the insightful history and detailed photos, included here are instructions on making dragons as done by Daniel Boone VII.

    Format: Soft cover  Dimentions:  6" x 9"   Pages:  112   Illustrations:  106

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    Bowie Knives Batson, James

    Coffin Handle BOWIE KNIVES is a booklet on how to recreate a contemporary Bowie Knife in the style of William and Samuel Butcher or George Woodhead. It is intended to be a primer for anyone interested in Old Bowies. It can also be a starting point or an entry into the world of Antique Bowie Knives. The maker should be proud of his workmanship and proudly display his name as the maker. Studying old knives and learning new skills in making the handcrafted Bowie Knife of old is a rewarding experience.

    Format: Soft cover  Dimentions: 8 1/2" x 11"  Pages: 16  Illustrations: 17

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