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  1. Font Cover
    ABCs of Blacksmithing, The Wolf, Fridolin

    ABCs of Blacksmithing

    Examples Step by Step

    These clear step-by-step examples will give the adventurous beginner confidence and will offer new insight to the experienced smith. Lots of good photos to help you on your way.

    Format: Hardcover.   Dimensions: 8" x 10"   Pages: 199   Illustrations: 532

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  2. Front Cover
    Amazing History of Early Weapons, The American Machinist Magazine

    The Amazing History of EARLY WEAPONS contains articles from 1918 Issues of  the American Machinist Magazine. These articles cover: Cannon Making in Past Centuries; Musket Manufacture in Past Centuries; Early Attempts at Submarine Building; Modern Hand Grenades; Early History of the Marine Torpedo; Ancient Helmet Making; Development of Gun Manufacture; The Forerunner of the Tank; Fighting with Fire in Ancient Times; Early Attempts at Rapid-Firing Guns; Making Boring Bars for Big Guns and Intrenchments and the Wire Barrier.

    Format:  Soft Cover   Dimentions: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"   Pages:  120   Illustrations:  110

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  3. Front Cover
    Anvils.... Through the Ages Plummer, Don

    This is a photographic study of the collection of Tim Kris' of Brasstown, NC. Pieces in this collection date back to the Roman and medieval times and include representations of more recent European and American periods. They are representive of the full sprectrum of tools used by blacksmiths, sawyers, jewelers, farriers and many other metalworking crafters that required the use of a sturdy device to help shape their wares.

    An amazing collection!

    Format: Hard cover;  Dimentions: 13 1/2" x 11 3/4";  Pages: 312;   llustrations; 325

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    Art of Traditional Blacksmithing, The Bergland Hårvard

    THE ART OF TRADITIONAL BLACKSMITHING; A Norwegian Perspective, is a masterpiece that joins tradition with wisdom and creativity. It presents Håvard Bergland's overview of the blacksmithing trade as a whole. Bergland systematically documents the blacksmithing trade by gathering and presenting skills, techniques and ideas that he has tried out in the forge himself. The book is largely self-explainatory and offers advice, ideas and inspiration to anyone who wants to be involved in blacksmithing.

    It is throughly illustrated with more than 400 color photos and nearly 700 drawings.

    Format: Hardcover;  Dimentions: 8 1/2" x 10 1/2";  Pages: 394;  Illustrations & Photos: over 1,000

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  5. Front Cover
    Art of Wrought Metalwork for House and Garden Schmirler, Otto

    The Art of Wrought Metalwork for House and Garden displays ironwork for buildings, past and present. Wrought ironwork on a building has the double function of protection and ornamentation, and here both functions will be emphasized. In selecting drawings and photographs for this book it is assumed that the reader has already learned the ABCs of forging iron, and possesses this basic knowledge. Many details, however, are provided that can help both the qualified wrought-iron craftsman and someone who wishes to begin learning the trade. These beautiful photographs also provide the architecht and potential home owner with ideas for the newest project.

    Format: Hardcover   Dimensions: 9” x 11”   Pages: 296   Illustrations: 600

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  6. Front Cover
    Artist Blacksmith, The Parkinson, Peter

    Design and Techniques The Artist Blacksmith is the essential handbook for anyone interested in bringing a creative, contemporary approach to this ancient craft, and for those already hooked who want to improve and expand their skills. It offers a contemporary approach to an ancient craft using fundamental blacksmithing processes. The author describes how to develop a design, then how to realize it, and finally how to assemble and finish the piece.

    Format: Hardcover.   Dimensions: 10 1/2" x 9 3/4"   Pages: 160   Illustrations: 200

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  7. Frot cover
    Axe Book, The Gränsfors, Bruks

    A great collection of drawings of the development of the manufacture and uses of axes.


    Format: Soft cover  Dimentions: 6" x 6"  Pages: 27  Illustrations: 24

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  8. 978-1-936013-19-7
    Blacksmith’s Craft, The

    The Blacksmith's Craft: An Introduction to Smithing for Apprentices and Craftsmen was published because there was no text book, at that time, on blacksmithing which could meet the needs of craftsmen and apprentices. The lack of such a book was a handicap to the teaching of this subject. It is also of great value to many other craftsmen and apprentices whose work depends on a sound knowledge of the behavior of iron and steel. The skill of the smith is faithfully recorded in sequences of still photographs and brief descriptions. Some of the methods shown and described are not the only ones possible. As experience is gained, the smith can develop his own variations of a technique. With its clear photographs and accurate descriptions, The Blacksmith's Craft is a valuable resource for all blacksmiths.

    Format: Hardcover  Dimensions: 5 1/2” x 8 3/4”   Pages:104  Illustrations: 248

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