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    ABCs of Early Americana Sloane, Eric

    A Sketchbook of Inventions, Curiosities, and Lore

    Beautifully arranged in an A-Z format, the noted artist Eric Sloane presents this rich and varied collections of American firsts – from the salt box house to basketball, hex signs to ear trumpets, popcorn to rocking chairs. Taking his cue from early Americans' interest in the lore and beauty of the English alphabet, Sloane arranged this beautifully illustrated book in an A-Z format, decorating each page with his own fine hand lettering and including a brief caption to elucidate the origin and use of every subject he pictured.

    Format: Softcover.   Dimensions: 8 1/2" x 11"    Pages: 30    Illustrations: 52

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    Age of Barns, An Sloane, Eric

    An Age of Barns

    An Illustrated Review of Classic Barn Styles & Construction

    "An Age of Barns" preserves the heritage handed down to us by those who settled America: dependable, resourceful pioneers who built these amazing barns, often before the family home was finished, and usually with the help of the entire community. These barns are remarkable for the skill with which they were created and the beauty that matches their usefulness. 

    Format: Softcover.   Dimensions: 11" x 9"   Pages: 94   Illustrations: 240

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    Architectural Ironwork Meilach, Dona Z.

    Architectural Ironwork presents over 375 spectacular examples from more that 100 of today's top blacksmiths. Focusing on the renaissance in artistic blacksmithing Meilach presents a vast array of ironwork recently commissioned for contemporary, commercial, and residential buildings, as people become more aware of the versatility of iron today. Architectural Ironwork showcases over 375 spectacular examples of work from more that 100 of today's top blacksmiths, supplemented with historical works from 15 countries.

    Format: Hardcover.   Dimensions: 11" x 8 1/2"   Pages: 256   Illustrations: 286

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    Art of Wrought Metalwork for House and Garden Schmirler, Otto

    The Art of Wrought Metalwork for House and Garden displays ironwork for buildings, past and present. Wrought ironwork on a building has the double function of protection and ornamentation, and here both functions will be emphasized. In selecting drawings and photographs for this book it is assumed that the reader has already learned the ABCs of forging iron, and possesses this basic knowledge. Many details, however, are provided that can help both the qualified wrought-iron craftsman and someone who wishes to begin learning the trade. These beautiful photographs also provide the architecht and potential home owner with ideas for the newest project.

    Format: Hardcover   Dimensions: 9” x 11”   Pages: 296   Illustrations: 600

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    Blacksmith's Craft, A Dixon, George

    The Legacy of Francis Whitaker: Vol I

    This is a compendium for blacksmiths at any level to preserve techniques and processes essential for the mastery of all levels of traditional blacksmithing. The beautiful illustrations and clearly demonstrated techniques make this the book to become the standard by which all others will be measured.

    Format: Hardcover.   Dimensions: 8" x 10"   Pages: 157   Illustrations: 800

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    Catching the Fire Lyons, Mary E

    Philip Simmons, Blacksmith

    A stimulating book for young readers about this amazing African-American craftsman. Simmons is truly a hero and role model. His gates, fences, and railings decorate the city of Charleston, SC where he forged for most of his long life.

    Format: Hardcover.   Dimensions: 8.5" x 9.25"   Pages: 48   Illustrations: 29

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    Classic French Wrought Iron Lecoq, Reymond

     From grilles and gates to balconies, balustrades, railings, and complex lock-and-key mechanisms, Classic French Wrought Iron is a treasury of architectural ironwork designs providing a concise history of the traditional French ironwork industry and descriptions of forging, assembly, and fabrication techniques. In this comprehensive inventory and classification of superb decorative ironwork, he traces the 700-year evolution of the art in France from the twelfth to the nineteenth centuries.

    Format: Hardback,  Dimentions: 9 1/4" x 12",  Pages: 128,  Illustrations: 520

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    Cyril Colnik: Man of Iron Strekow, Alan J.

    With the conclusion of the 1893 Columbian Exposition, Cyril Colnik arrived in Milwaukee at the perfect moment. During the last quarter of the nineteenth century, Milwaukee had become well known for its myriad of industries that included brewing, tanning, publishing, meat packing and machine manufacturing. A large part of Colnik's immediate success can be both literally and figuratively the result of his many German-American clients. They appreciated that Colnik already had the knowledge and talent to bring the ornate wrought iron ornament style of the Rhine to his newly adopted city. While Colnik was able to forge amazing designs in iron, he was also an excellent manager of the men whom he hired to embark on his growing commissions. He was a very sophisticated artist respected by everyone.

    Format: Hardcover   Dimentions:  9 x 11   Pages: 202   Illustrations: 350

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