Albericci, Emilio/ Galizzi, Flavio/ Pizzi, Lucia
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In the panorama of traditional forging techniques, damascus has always represented a great challenge for those who tried to make it; so much so that throughout the centuries it has had alternating periods of decline and rebirth which were sometimes caused by these very difficulties in producing it. Damascus forging techniques, which are connected to a level of skill obtainable only through long and patient practice, have witnessed a rebirth of great quality in good part owing to bold experimentation. This is a practical manual with an introduction covering ancient damascus production techniques. In simple languag and with over 350 full color photos the book covers a great number of techniques fo obtaining many different kinds of damascus. English/Italian

Format: Hard Cover   Dimentions: 8 1/2" x 11"   Pages: 240   Illustrations: 350

Learning to forge damascus is not sumple; you need commitment, resoluteness and dedication besides a continuous study of the materials involved, and how to desin your work. Good damasus is made through a precise creative process.

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Author Albericci, Emilio/ Galizzi, Flavio/ Pizzi, Lucia
Publisher Rizzo Editore
ISBN 978-88-903359-3-8
Translation N/A
Format Hardcover
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