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  1. Polishing Report, The
    Polishing Report, The Lewton-Brain, Charles

    All jewelers polish jewelry. Usually this is done with polishing machines. This booklet presents a carefully selected group of polishing tools which is a basic, generic, most useful set which serves general jewelry polishing problems. This invaluable booklet offers many polishing solutions as well as ways to prevent problems in the first place.

    Format: Softcover.   Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"   Pages: 31   Illustrations: 27

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  2. Front Cover
    Practical Blacksmithing and Metalworking Blandford, Percy W.

    Blacksmithing and metatworking can be easier than you would imagine. This book shows you how - with some patience and working knowledge of metals, tools, and techniques - blacksmithing can be a rewarding, inexpensive hobby. Using simple instructions and first-rate, detailed illustrations, Blandford makes it easy for the novice to learn this craft, while offering project variations complex enough to challenge even the experienced blacksmith or metalworker. You'll learn how to:

    * use forges and anvils, bellows, swage blocks and mandrels, tongs, and many other tools                                             * work with sheet alloys, iron and steel, zinc, brass, tin, bronze, lead, aluminum, copper, and precious metals.               * cut, shape, form, bend, solder, braze, weld, rivet, harden, anneal, flatten, punch, draw out, twist, split, loop scroll,       saw, shear, file, drill, hollow-out, planish, mold, and cast all types of metals.                                                                     * make chains and hardware such as nails, catches, bolts, handles, hinges, hooks, and latches.                                     * create tools like punches, spikes, chisels, crowbars, tongs, hammers, sets, fullers, swages, and stakes.                      * make built-up assemblies.                                                                                                                                                * apply geometry to the construction of trays, funnels, boxes, cylinders, and more!

    Percy W. Blandford is an internationally recognized master craftsman. He is a full-time freelance journalist and Fellow to the Institute of Journalists, and the author of more than eighty books.                                  

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  3. Front Cover
    Practical Projects for the Blacksmith Tucker, Ted

     Practical Projects for the Blacksmith has all the information you need to learn while doing. It tells how to make a   a simple and inexpensive forge, what few tools you'll need to get started, where to get scraps of steel for your first projects. It will suggest items you can make, regardless of your skill level.

    Projects include:

    Meat skewer.....Tongs.....Hinges.....Nails.....Hooks.....Kitchen utensils.....Door bolts.....Harpoon.....Book holder

    Trivets.....Fireplace fork.....Wall lamp.....Houseplant stand....Music stannd.....Wine rack.....Belt buckle

    Each project is illustrated and explained in detailed step-by-step instructions. With each new project you tackle, you'll be practicing new blacksmithing skills. So plunge right in, with Practical Projects for the Blacksmith.

    Format: Hard cover   Dimentions: 7 1/4" x 9 1/4"   Pages: 227   Illustrations: 250

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  4. Front Cover
    Professional Smithing Streeter, Donald

    Traditional Techniques for Decorative Ironwork, Whitesmithing, Hardware, Toolmaking & Locksmithing Traditional smithing techniques are presented clearly including toolmaking, white smithing and lock smithing. Included early hand forged kitchen utensils, fireplace tools, locks, keys, hinges, latches, hooks, springs and more. Invaluable to blacksmiths, collectors, historians, and restorers alike.

    Format: Softcover.   Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"   Pages: 144   Illustrations: 257

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  5. Front Cover
    Ready, Set, Weld! Matin, Kimberli

    What's fun, easy, and conbe done by anyone?   Welding!   That's right, your're going to find that playing with metal using a MIG welder is almost as easy as wielding a glue gun. Matin covers the basics and gives you 25 step-by-step projects for the home and garden.

    Format: Softcover.   Dimentions: 8.5" x 10"    Pages: 127     Illustrations 162

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  6. Front Cover
    Shop Drawings Hoffman, Jerry

    Shop Drawings: for Blacksmiths Drawings chosen from thousands of pages published in the Blacksmith's Journal providing scale line drawings of tools, equipment, as well as many architectural items.

    Format: Softcover.   Dimensions: 8" x 10"   Pages: 18   Illustrations: 167

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  7. Small Scale Photography
    Small Scale Photography Lewton-Brain, Charles

    How to take great shots of your work This book is intended for beginners as well as working professionals who need good, quality, photographs and slides of their small scale art and craft work. There is an emphasis on low cost and simplicity. The system as described can serve just as well for creating images of any small objects under about three square feet in size. The principles can also be adapted for larger objects.

    Format: Softcover.   Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"  Pages: 90   Illustrations: 46

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  8. FrontCover
    Smithing with the Handheld Pneumatic Hammer Chase, E, A.

    SMITHING with the Handheld Pneumatic Hammer by E.A.Chase is a must have for all smiths - blacksmiths, metalsmiths, whitesmiths, coppersmiths, tinsmiths - to help create small scale hand projects or large sculptural and architectural commissions. E.A. Chase is among the early contemporary American blacksmiths to use mixed metals as well as wood, stone and plastics in his sculptural and architectural commissions. This inovation produced dramatic affects with the contrasting uses of copper, bronze, brass and stainless steel with iron.

    The smaller handheld pneumatic hammers are used on 'cold working days' for forming everything from delicate floral details to large-scale objects in non-ferrous sheet metals. The heavier and more powerful handheld hammers are used almost entirely for hot work auch as punching, drifting, cutting and upsetting where the stationary power hammer is inappropriate or where a small hand hammer would be a less efficient choice.

    Format: Hard Cover  Dimentions: 9" x 12"  Pages: 147  Illustrations:175

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