Basic Skills

Basic Skills

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  1. 978-1-936013-19-7
    Blacksmith’s Craft, The

    The Blacksmith's Craft: An Introduction to Smithing for Apprentices and Craftsmen was published because there was no text book, at that time, on blacksmithing which could meet the needs of craftsmen and apprentices. The lack of such a book was a handicap to the teaching of this subject. It is also of great value to many other craftsmen and apprentices whose work depends on a sound knowledge of the behavior of iron and steel. The skill of the smith is faithfully recorded in sequences of still photographs and brief descriptions. Some of the methods shown and described are not the only ones possible. As experience is gained, the smith can develop his own variations of a technique. With its clear photographs and accurate descriptions, The Blacksmith's Craft is a valuable resource for all blacksmiths.

    Format: Hardcover  Dimensions: 5 1/2” x 8 3/4”   Pages:104  Illustrations: 248

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  2. Front Cover
    Blacksmith’s Sketchbook, A Alling Steve

    Steve Alling is a graduate of the Cincinnati Art Accademy with a major in sculpture. After 32 years as an industrial clay modeler he moved to the little historic village of Romeo, Michigan where he helped to restore the last working blacksmith shop and soon became a demonstrator there. A Blacksmith's Sketchbook is a collection of the sketches he made while attending meetings and conferences to remind himself of the order used by the demonstrators. The projects included here go from start to finish ending up with a complete item.                            

    This is a great book full of sketches, which teach, guide and inspire!

    Format: Hardcover  Dimentions:  8 3/4" x 11 1/4"  Pages:  196  Illustrations:  200

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  3. Front Cover
    Build Your Own Hydraulic Forging Press Batson, James

    This book and drawings are designed to help you build your own 24 ton Hydraulic Forging Press. A two horsepower 220 volt single phase motor running at 1725 RPM powers a 5.5 gallon per minute "Hi-Lo" hydraulic pump. Ram force of 24 tons is applied by a 5" diameter double acting hydraulic cylinder at 2500 psi pressure. The movement of the ram die is controlled by a 4 way, 3 position hydraulic valve. The length of the ram stroke is 8". The maximum speed of the ram is 1.1 inches per second. The ram speed can be doubled by using a 5 horsepower electric motot running at 3600 RPM.

    A section is included which will enable you to alter a Log Splitter for use as a Forging Press.

    Format: Soft cover;  Dimentions: 8 1/2" x 11";  Pages: 46;  Illustrations: 35.

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  4. Front Cover
    Chasing and Repoussé Corwin, Nancy Megan

    Chasing and Repoussé have been used for centuries to embellish metal objects. This long awaited book provides lucid and practical instruction that will appeal to beginners and advanced craftspeople. With more than 450 photos and illustrations, including studio process and diverse master works collected from artists around the world, Chasing and Repoussé elegantly fills a need in the literature of metalsmithing.

    Format: Hardcover.   Dimentions: 8 1/4" x 11"    Pages: 183    Illustrations: 450

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  5. Front Cover
    Complete Metalsmith, The McCreight, Tim

    This book represents years of intensive research and experimentation. Information from hundreds of sources has been collected, distilled, and illustrated. It is intended to be both a text and as tool, a blend of instruction and  reference. Like other tools, its value increases as you bring to it your own perceptions and skills. It is designed to make the information easily accessible, and built to stand up to years of benchside use.

    Format: Hard cover   Dimentions: 8 1/2" x 9 1/2"   Pages: 301   Illustrations: 500

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  6. Front Cover
    Complete Modern Blacksmith,The Weygers, Alexander

    Design, forge, and fix your own tools, hardware, and household accessories with master craftsman and teacher Alexander G. Weygers. His three extraordinary books, 'The Making of Tools', 'The Modern Blacksmith', and 'The Recycling, Use, and Repair of Tools', are classics in their field and, here, in 'The Complete Modern Blacksmith' brought together.

    Format: Softcover.   Dimensions: 8" x 11"   Pages: 304   Illustrations: 456 beautiful sketches throughout

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  7. Front Cover
    Cooper and His Trade, The Kilby, Kenneth

    The Cooper: and His Trade

    The Cooper is divided into two parts. The first, partly autobiographical,deals with material, tools, and techniques and discusses the role of the white cooper, the dry cooper and the various kinds of wet cooper. The second part of the books deals with organization and conditions of work and the social history of coopering from early times to the twentieth century.

    Format: Softcover.   Dimensions: 6" x 9"   Pages: 192   Illustrations: 184

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  8. Front Cover
    Copper Work Rose, Augustus F.

    COPPER WORK by Augustus F. Rose is an illustrated test book for teachers and students in the manual arts which contains an abundance of illustrative material on this subject, consisting of drawings and photographs, but also a detailed description of the processes necessary for the execution of many of the designs.

    Format:  Soft Cover   Dimentions:  5 1/2" x 8 1/2"   Pages:  123   Illustrations:  110

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