Forge Work

Schultz, Michael
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Forging is an ancient process. Heating metal to the point of malleability is a process discovered thousands of years ago. Metallurgical knowledge and mechanizations have increased over the centuries, but the same basic attributes of forging remain: forging shapes metal into usable instruments and it imparts an inherent strength into the conceived design. The most often recognized example of forging is that of a blacksmith heating and hammering metal. Industrial forging has moved far beyond that basic process and now requires a high degree of understanding of materials, design, and functionality of the the forged piece. In Forge Work, Michael Schultz has tried to convey with images and works the magnitude of forging. He wants this book to show the labor and the faces behind the fascinating world of forging. It is a tribute to those who work in this industry. There is a pride in forge work and Michael Schultz has been privilaged to meet and photograph those who labor in this immense and important industry.

Format:  Soft Cover   Dimentions:  10" x 12"   Pages: 128   Illustrations:  140


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Author Schultz, Michael
Publisher High View Publishing
ISBN 978-1-889937-18-2
Translation N/A
Format Softcover
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