Complete Metalsmith, The

McCreight, Tim
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This book represents years of intensive research and experimentation. Information from hundreds of sources has been collected, distilled, and illustrated. It is intended to be both a text and as tool, a blend of instruction and  reference. Like other tools, its value increases as you bring to it your own perceptions and skills. It is designed to make the information easily accessible, and built to stand up to years of benchside use.

Format: Hard cover   Dimentions: 8 1/2" x 9 1/2"   Pages: 301   Illustrations: 500

 Metalsmithing involves some chemicals and procedures that are potentially dangerous. Great care has been taken to omit hazards where possible and to give clear warnings wherever they apply. These will be only as effective as you make them. So, be wise.

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Author McCreight, Tim
Publisher Btynmorgen Press
ISBN 978-1-929565-05-4
Translation N/A
Format Hardcover
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