Design Language: Interpretive Edition

by McCreight, Tim
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Everything that is made is the result of design. Whether whittling a tent stake or planning a cathedral, artists face questions of size, materials, and shape. In every case, some choices are better than others, and in special cases, the decisions are so very good that they result in objects and images that take our breath away. In this unique volume, author and designer Tim McCreight has collected sixty words that show up frequently when we discuss the objects and artifacts in our world. Georgeous objects and images are shown along with commentary on the concepts of design. The premise of the Interpretive Edition, made plain in words and pictures, is that the process of design is not reserved for art students, but is a part of the experience of being human.

Format: Soft cover;  Dimentions: 8 1/2' X 8 1/2";  Pages: 134;  Illustrations:150

 Each entry is elegant in the extreme, giving the reader just enough information but not too much.

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Author McCreight, Tim
Publisher Btynmorgen Press
ISBN 1-929565-17-8
Dimensions 8.25 x 8.5
Format Softcover
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